Frequently Asked Questions


Why Do I Have To Choose A Certain Number of Days?

It takes us a considerable deal of time to determine what the absolute most profitable bet will be for each day. So we've created these packages to ensure that the new members we signup are DEAD SERIOUS about winning. If you're not, then you're taking the spot of someone who is. After your initial package, you'll have the option to continue receiving your daily winners. And this option to renew will remain open to you permanently, even after we close enrollment in a couple of days.


Why Are You Charging for Your Tips?

While we love the idea of giving back, our time is still incredibly valuable. Your membership fees allow us to take the time to choose and distribute the virtually guaranteed winner for every football match we send.


How Do I Get My Winners Again?

You simply signup using the "Buy Winners Today" button on the pricing page. Once you've entered your payment info, and provided us with your email address, you'll start receiving your daily winners. It's that simple.


Can I get a special offer if I want to buy more than one package at a time?

We designed the payment plans so that they apply to most of the buyers. If you are a HIGH-ROLLER you can ask for an offer here.


Can you give me a tip on a specific match?

We would love to give you tips on your favorite team or match, but first of all, we want you to make money. Fast. Because of this, we choose games that have the perfect combination between odds and winning rate.


Do you have more questions?

Please contact us here.



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